Saturday, 16 November 2013


I am knitting for Christmas.

I have done the usual thing of queuing up enough projects to keep me going for about six months, then planning to make them all in four weeks.  During that time, I also plan to make soaps, Christmas cards, biscuits, two Christmas cakes, an advent calendar, labels for all the knitting, and a patchwork quilt.

I also plan to keep my job, move house and sleep.

I am, as always, insane.

I convinced myself it could be done by casting on five projects at once, ordering 9 balls of yarn, catching a cold and screwing up the gauge on one of the projects.  When in doubt, apparently the best thing to do is be outrageously optimistic.  So far, I am not panicking, and am taking a lot of comfort out of looking at the bin full of projects that just need sewing together or having the ends woven in.  I am pretending I haven't packed up most of my sewing stuff and that I can totally get to the sewing machine around all the boxes of stuff.  I am watching the craft channel 24/7 in the hope that I'll absorb some of the craftiness and magically do even more than is humanly possible.

This should be fun.