Saturday, 8 October 2011

The art of Not Knitting

Ugh, I haven't knitted anything in ages.  Ages, I tell you!  Super Scary exam is in 3 weeks and I am studying like a thing possessed.  This means I really haven't had an opportunity to knit, because I know that if I start, I WILL. NOT. STOP.  Possibly ever.  And that would mean failing the exam and, by extension, hating myself (not to mention having to go through yet another 6 weeks of studying hell), so I've had to swallow my urge to knit and instead spend hours with my head in technology books, slowly losing the will to exist.
Of course, tomorrow is the knitting show.  And I am going, because I need a day off from studying.  And this means I am going to spend 5 hours surrounded by crafting materials, armed with cash and a crazed feeling of freedom.  And a shopping list.  (I refuse to do what I did last year -namely, run riot with £50 and buy whatever the hell caught my eye, including cross stitch kits and some stickers)  How am I going to keep myself on the straight and narrow next week, with all that new yarn sitting patiently in my house, and all the new project ideas in a nice list on the coffee table?!  HOW?  It's going to kill me.  Kill me, I tell you.

In happier news, BFF and I have organised a long weekend holiday in Cornwall in November.  This basically is code for A Knitting Party.  We're going to have 5 hours of train journey in either direction, and then sit around for 4 days watching DVDs and eating.  The amount of crafting time is going to be ASTRONOMICAL.  It's a couple of weeks after I finish (and hopefully pass) the exam, which means I will be in full-on Christmas Knitting mode, so I will be using it as an opportunity to get through as many projects as is humanely possible; because I do not want to spend the last week before Christmas knitting until 3am, having come home from the pub totally drunk.  Bad Things always happen as a result of this sort of poor planning.  Let's face facts: Not Knitting is basically a staple of the week before Christmas, because you're too busy giving the finished presents away, buying food and planning how to spend the actual Christmas break.  There is no time to be finishing projects, unless you want to go mad.

Going on this trip also means I can work on knitting something for the boyfriend without him accidentally showing up at my house when I'm halfway through making it.  (The matter of the BFF's present is a separate issue which I am already going crazy trying to figure out.  Maybe I'll leave it at the boyfriend's house!)

So in conclusion, the Knitting Trip is a well-timed way of blitzing as much of the work as is humanely possible, whilst getting properly into the Christmas spirit with enough food to feed a small army.  And if I am awake all night on the Friday, well, I'll have 3 more days to recover - which is much better than having to get up at the crack of dawn to deliver the present you only just finished knitting and never want to see again as long as you live.

And now, I must off; back to the exciting videos, the copious amounts of notes and the horror of learning binary.  Yep.

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