Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I am pleased to report that I finished the lace scarf with minimal personal injury and am now back to regularly scheduled programming of socks and baby knits. Sock Two of my current set was going remarkably well until just now, when I realised I had somehow carried on with the heel colour right around the pick up for instep and was going to have to rip it out. I believe I have mentioned before how much I detest frogging. The act of unravelling work just makes me crazy. So now I am sat in a waiting room with two options: frog, or sit and glare and hope it frogs itself. So far option 2 is not producing the desired result. And the idea of not only frogging but doing it publically, admitting to the world that I made a ghastly error, is more than I can take right now! BFF frogs stuff all the time. She frogs stuff at the drop of a hat if she's not sure she likes it. I will madly press on with a doomed project whilst she, meanwhile, has cheerfully taken her work to bits and started something else. I wish I could be that sort of knitter but alas, I am not. As a result, I find myself where I am right now - the worst kind of knitter imaginable: one without a spare project, in a waiting room. Oh dear, oh dear.

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