Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Finish Line

I finished my Ravellenic Games project with an hour and fifty minutes to spare. I feel vaguely bereft not being on deadline - a feeling I should probably enjoy whilst it lasts, because I have to finish some more baby stuff by Friday! It's funny that knitting is the only area of my life where the pressure of deadlines actually helps. At work, when studying, anything else in fact, I am always ahead of the pack, finished a week early for fear of having a crisis and running out of time. But with knitting I always find myself furiously developing a wrist injury an hour before the thing needs handing over. Perhaps it means I put less pressure on myself to be on time when knitting is involved? Or maybe I am just overly ambitious and unrealistic about my knitting goals. Either way, I always see the finish line way too early, and it seems that in this occasion the finish line was lacy and made of mohair.

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